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Rental Car Transponders was born from the simple idea that people should know what they are paying when they rent a car and drive on a toll road in Florida. Successful travel planning begins with information. Where are we going, how do we get there and what is it going to cost?


All simple questions, except the last one.

If you rent a toll transponder from the rental car company you can expect to pay $3.95 to $7.95 a day extra for the duration of your rental contract. This fee is in addition to any tolls you may incur and the fee is also applied even if you never drive on a toll road. If you don't sign up for the transponder at the time of your rental and then drive on a toll road the rental car company adds the transponder and associated costs to your rental contract.


Some rental car companies offer a $10.95 a day transponder that covers the cost of the tolls, that's a lot of driving, and you still get charged even if you don't drive on any toll roads.


Option three is to skip the transponder and use the toll roads anyway. Here is what will happen to you. When you pass through the toll plaza the state takes a picture of your car's license plate. When the state processes the plate in order to collect their tolls the bill ends up going to the car's owner, the rental car company. The rental car company then needs to figure out who was driving the car at the time of the toll violation; for this they hire a third party contractor. Each of these steps adds cost to the toll causing the price to skyrocket to $15 per toll.


Avoid the extra fees

Now featuring PayPal, offering you purchase protection.

How does Tolltraxx work?

When you use one of our transponders Tolltraxx will manage your tolls. At the end of your trip return the transponder and we will credit your account $3.00. When the State submits the final total for your trip we will add our fee of $.50 per toll and you will receive one bill.


Where can I use my transponder?

In Florida: all SunPass, E-PASS and LeeWay lanes. (Everywhere tolls are charged.)

In North Carolina: All NC Quick Pass lanes

In Georgia: the Peach Pass State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA)


How do I get one for my trip?
Use the Buy Now button below, and buy one for $7.50.
You will receive your transponder via USPS First Class mail within three business days. A little pre-planning for a lot of savings.


Now What?   (Pick the option that works best for you.)

When you arrive at your destination/airport/rental car you have four options.

  1. Take a picture of the back of the rental car with your phone, be sure the license plate number is visible; we need to be able to identify the make, model and color of the rental car you will be driving. Text the picture to 813-340-5330.

  2. Text the license plate number and State issued along with make, model and color of the car to 813-340-5330.
  3. Use the "Contact" page on the mobile website to send the license plate number and State issued along with the make, model and color of your rental car.
  4. Or, simply call us with the information.
  5. Stick your transponder to the inside of the windshield behind the rear view mirror and enjoy your trip.

Why do you need the license plate number?
Two reasons, the license plate number and vehicle information are required by the toll authority to be on file with the transponder. Second, entering the information creates a start date for your transponder/trip. No tolls or fees are charged until you use the transponder.


What am I paying?
As you drive on the toll roads, use the Sunpass, E-PASS, or LeeWay lanes, the toll prices are clearly marked by signs; you will be paying the lowest listed toll price. Each toll you incur will be managed by Tolltraxx; at the end of your trip all of your tolls will be added up, our processing fee added, $.50 per toll and you will receive one final bill.


How do I end my trip?
You have options.

You can add the end date when you enter the license plate information at the start of your trip.

You can add the end date later at your convenience.
Remove the Tolltraxx transponder from the windshield at the end of your trip, which we highly recommend. The transponder will remain active until you submit an end date so please be careful about how you dispose of it.


Can I keep it and use it again?
Sure. As long as you have a current payment method on file you are good to go. Make sure to contact us with the new rental car information before you start your trip.


Is Tolltraxx only for rental cars?
No. If it has four wheels and you can legally drive it on the toll roads, submit the required information, attach the transponder correctly and you are good to go. Rental cars, company cars, private vehicles all benefit by using Tolltraxx; don't be concerned about using the toll roads or any surprise charges ending up on your credit card.


Use it a lot, use it a little, don't use it at all.

Tolltraxx provides you with peace of mind when you are driving in Florida.