How Old Are Your Tires? Yes! I Mean the New Ones……

December 21, 2017 Chris White No comments exist

In my spare time, is not my only job; I’m a teacher for children with special needs. After a day in the classroom I often need a little time to decompress from my day of fun and excitement. I know that sounds snarky but it really is the most fun I’ve ever had at work and I was in TV for twenty years. Turns out working with anchor people was good training for dealing with handicapped children. So, to get some quiet time I drop by a near-by assisted living facility, from one end of the spectrum to the other, to play cards. I usually play for an hour with a regular group of seniors. After a game one of seniors told me he wanted to give me something. Now, as a volunteer, this is a big no-no and I can certainly understand this rule. Too many people have taken advantage of our elderly population, hell it happened to my mom so I wasn’t taking anything from anyone. Well, if I wasn’t already uncomfortable enough, old Dick goes and pulls out his wallet. Oh, boy. Where are the security cameras? There’s no way this is going to look good.

Thank God, Dick didn’t pull out any money, or the deed to his home. What he did pull out of his wallet is a note with the information that I’m about to pass on to you.

How Old Are Your Tires?

New tires can stay on warehouse racks for years. After 6 or 7 years they can have dry rot.

To see when your tires were manufactured check these numbers on the side of the tires. If you don’t see these numbers they might be on the other (inside) side of the tire.

At the end of the DOT a 4206 shows that the tire was made on the 42nd week of 2006, making them 11 years old.
DOT 1504 tires were made the 15th week of 2004, 13 years old.

To keep from having to crawl under your car to check. Take your car to the dealer or your car care professional and ask them to check.

Before buying new tires check to see when they were made.

That’s what Dick wanted to give me and he made me promise to pass it on. So, here you go Dick. Thanks.

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