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All electronic tolling has arrived in Florida. Many toll roads do not offer a cash option.  Call us at 813-340-5330 for some free advice

If you drive your rental car through a toll plaza without a transponder your $1 toll could cost you $15
and it doesn't matter where you rent your car.

For more information check out these links: Bloomberg Business Week
and the Huffington Post.

 Don't let the tolls slow you down.

Get your own transponder.

There are over 745 miles of toll roads in Florida plus 13 toll bridges and causeways, the most in the U.S. Get a transponder and drive on all Florida toll roads, bridges and causeways and manage your tolls without daily fees or excessive charges.

Get your own transponder

There are over 745 miles of toll roads in Florida plus 13 toll bridges and causeways, the most in the U.S. A Tolltraxx transponder lets you drive on all public toll roads, bridges and causeways in Florida. A toll transponder from your rental car company is an additional daily charge plus tolls.

Get a SunPass removable, mini-toll transponder that works on all of Florida's toll roads. It is all you need to pay your tolls in Florida.

This is your sign for savings.

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This is the lane to use if you have a SunPass transponder.

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Don't worry about out of this world toll charges along the way... 

Knowledge is power.

Be in control of what you are paying. A toll transponder from the rental car company is an additional charge from $3.95 to $7.95 a day for the entire rental contract even if you don't drive on a toll road. If you don't rent a transponder? You can incur additional fees that can raise your $1 toll to $15, up to $105 in additional charges per rental contract.

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Smart car not required.

Get a SunPass mini-transponder. They are available at Publix and most drugstores in Florida. You can also order it in advance from SunPass. Get the App and open an account, there is a $10 minimum deposit to your account. When you pick up your rental car stick the transponder on inside the windshield of your car (pro tip, only peel back about a quarter size of the sticky backing to attach, otherwise you'll never get it off), and here is the key, open the App and add your rental car to your account with the car license plate number. put the start and end dates in and you are all set. Here's another tip, if you drove on a toll road to get to Publix you can backdate the start time to cover that toll. Hope this helps. Call if you have questions.

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