Avoiding Toll Violations in Florida

November 19, 2018 Chris White No comments exist

If you are renting a car while visiting Florida you need to get your own toll transponder for your rental car. The cheapest solution is to drive your rental car from the airport to the nearest Publix, Walgreens, CVS or any store like these and buy a Sunpass. Stay off of all toll roads until you have your Sunpass and rental car registered with the State. Open an account with the toll authority; give them a credit card number, they’ll open your account with $10. Register your rental car, license plate#, make, model and color and you are good to go. The Sunpass works on all toll roads in the State.
The easiest is to just take the transponder that the rental car company will rent you. The problem is that you pay a daily rate starting at $3.95 a day and up, plus tolls for the entire rental period. One $1 toll will cost you $4.95. If you have the car for two weeks and still only run one $1 toll it would end up costing you $56.30; that’s $3.95 a day times 14 plus the $1 toll.
There is a third choice and that’s me. I offer already activated toll transponders for purchase that you can use in your rental car. Order a Tolltraxx transponder for $7.50 from https://rentalcartransponders.com . That’s it, from here on out you pay the lowest posted toll rate plus a 50¢ per toll. Use it a little use it a lot. Don’t use it all. With Tolltraxx you are covered wherever you drive in Florida. I’ll ship it same day by USPS, usually arriving within 3 business days. When you arrive in Florida stick the transponder inside on the windshield behind the rear view mirror. Text, call, or just send a picture of the back of the car showing the make, model, color and most importantly the license plate number. A doing this over one hundred times the license plate number on file is always your saving grace if there is a problem. It trumps anything the rental car company may want to charge you.

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