I Never Learn

January 7, 2019 Chris White No comments exist

It is strawberry picking time again in Florida, the Tampa area specifically. We usually go North to Brooksville and J&G Ranch. Last year we went out there after a couple of days of heavy rain. Closed. Too muddy. That’s a 45 minute drive one way. Guess I should have looked on their website before driving all the way out there.

This year the weather’s been fine. Checked the website. Open. Toss the kid in the car and off we go. Closed, again. This time the weather was so nice the field was picked out the day before. I called and they apologized for my inconvenience but suggested that I call next time, first. And that is what I’m passing on to you. The internet in all of it’s Facebook glory does not have all of the answers. If you are going to pick strawberries, call the place first. Lesson learned.

It wasn’t all bad. I got to spend and hour-and-a-half in the car with my 11 year old daughter. Time to talk and no way for her to escape. It wasn’t all bad for her. She got ice cream from Culver’s out of the deal.

Just a note for people driving rental cars out to pick strawberries. The Suncoast Parkway is changing over to all electronic tolling and it won’t be long before the cash tollbooths will be gone. Get a Tolltraxx transponder, save a little cash and get some piece of mind. Tolltraxx transponders work on all toll roads in Florida. Avoid daily charges from your rental car company and toll violations that could cost you big bucks.

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