People Fleeing Manatee County on Foot

March 5, 2018 Chris White 1 comment

Run don't walk
The next best way to cross the Sunshine Skyway if you don’t have a Tolltraxx transponder

SkyWay 10K

It must have been quite a sight early on Sunday morning as thousands of people were seen running North along the Sunshine Skyway Bridge between Manatee County and Pinellas County here in Florida. Turns out it was the inaugural Skyway 10K race to benefit the Armed Forces Family Foundation. It was a great event and I actually ran the race and survived. The North bound lanes were closed from 4am to 10am on Sunday morning. Guess I should have put out a traffic alert. Oops. I really do wonder what people driving south bound thought was happening as they drove southbound. It’s not every day that they close the interstate for a footrace, but I’m glad they did it for a great cause. Here’s a link from the Tampa Bay Times with details and pictures. If you’re thinking of running over the bridge next year save yourself a little loot by getting a transponder for your rental car from rental car transponders.

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