Save Over $20 on Your Next Car Rental in Florida

January 10, 2019 Chris White No comments exist

Avoid toll violations while driving a rental car in Florida is a great idea. Using the toll transponder from the rental car company to avoid the violations is a bad idea. They are going to charge you for the transponder every day you drive the car, whether or not you even drive on a toll road. That’s $3.95 (lowest I’ve found) a day plus the tolls if you use it. Here’s a little secret. Bring your own transponder. Buy it. Stick it in the windshield. Send in the car info and drive away. Use it a lot. Use it a little. Don’t use it at all.

That’s where rental car transponders comes in; we offer fully active transponders that work on all Florida toll roads. Get one for $7.50. We mail it to you USPS First Class mail; 3 business days. Stick in it the windshield of your rental car, text, call or email the car info (license plate#, make, model and color) to 813-340-5330 and your are good to go. If you use you pay the lowest posted toll and a service charge of 50¢ per toll, that’s it.

The average savings is usually $20 per rental. Save a little money. Get some piece of mind and enjoy your vacation.

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