After the Storm

September 13, 2017 Chris White No comments exist

Well, Irma has come and gone, the only things left are toppled trees, no power, heat, and the crazy drivers. Just because we had a hurricane doesn’t mean that the rules of the road no longer apply. If anything, the rules of the road should be followed even more closely. If the traffic light is out/dead the intersection becomes a 4-way stop not a drag race to get there first so you can speed through. If the traffic signal is flashing that’s different; flashing yellow means caution but you have the right-of-way, flashing red is the same as a stop sign. Sorry, you’re just going to have to wait for the cross traffic (the one’s with the flashing yellow) to clear. I don’t know if this constitutes good news but the Governor has suspended tolls on all Florida public toll roads. No word when the tolls might be re-instated; having a toll transponder for your rental car from Rental Car Transponders, will protect you from unexpected and unwanted toll charges.

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