You Don’t Miss It Until It’s Gone…

November 20, 2017 Chris White No comments exist

During and after a recent repaving of a major road near where I live in North Tampa; all of the traffic sensors in the road needed to be reinstalled. What that meant is a return to the bad old days of traffic lights changing based strictly on time; a minute for you a minute for me. Which translates into spending a long time sitting at the traffic light with no cross traffic morning, noon and night. It’s been so long since I’ve had to drive this way that I’d forgotten just how bad it is.

I usually don’t give the traffic department here in Tampa enough (OK, any) credit for keeping traffic moving smoothly but my recent experience of driving without the traffic light sensors has given me a greater appreciation of the work they do. What they need to do is better publicize what they’re doing. Most people still don’t know what those big rectangular boxes cut into the road just behind the white lines at the intersections are for. Sensors people, sensors. Put your car in the box and the light changes faster. Sit too far forward, say over the white line or too far back, i.e. you can see the entire box cut into the road and you’ll be sitting there for awhile.

My plea to the traffic department. Put out some public service announcements. Let people know that using the technology already installed will speed up traffic for everyone. Me included. If you’re coming to visit Florida and renting a car get your toll transponder from Rental Car Transponders and save. No daily charges. Lowest posted rates and a service fee of 50¢ per toll.

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