I Know We’re Not Washington D.C. but…

February 13, 2018 Chris White No comments exist

So, is this our future? Tolls to drive the speed limit nearing $50 one way? We’re getting close and these Express lanes are spreading. I’ve been using the new ones on the Veteran’s Expressway in Tampa. They are currently free while the Toll Authority is testing them. But the prospects of being priced out of the lanes is a real possibility. Here’s an article from the Washington Post explaining the situation in DC. Of course everything in DC costs more than Florida, but for how long. If you’re driving a rental car in Florida and don’t have a toll transponder the penalty will big bucks. Hell, the penalty for just driving on the regular toll road without a transponder can set you back $15 for a $1 toll. Don’t pay too much. Get a toll  transponder for your rental car from Rental Car Transponders and avoid the high fees and especially the daily charges. That’s right if you get your transponder from the rental car company they charge you a daily fee, $3.95 a day plus tolls is the lowest, for your entire rental even if you never use it. Pay your tolls like a native with a transponder from us.

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