Look Ma, No Hands or maybe “Hey, Watch Me Do This….”

October 9, 2017 Chris White No comments exist

Here’s the one thing a Tolltraxx transponder won’t help you with while driving. New info out shows that reckless behaviors are the cause for a surge in traffic fatalities last year. I would have originally guessed distracted driving but I guess every moron driving with a cell phone has one so now it’s on to something new to kill us. Last year that would be 37,461 people losing their lives on American roadways according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. So, what’s reckless behavior; drunken driving, speeding, not wearing a seat belt. I started wearing my seat belt when I realized that it provided 20% more protection against food spilled while eating when driving. A worrisome trend to watch out for in Florida is the person making a u-turn; for some reason they think they have the right-of-way and will turn right into on-coming traffic. Watch out for them. If you’re planning on visiting Florida add a Tolltraxx transponder from https://rentalcartransponders.com to your list and drive worry free.

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