Innovations for People who Don’t Know How to Drive

June 12, 2017 Chris White No comments exist

Is it an Innovation if no one Knows?

What? A driving innovation from Florida. Well… it’s here in Florida (Tampa) anyway. Traffic lights with a left turn arrow have different settings depending on the intersection. One version has a green left turn arrow which means you can make a “protected” left turn; there should be no on-coming traffic. However this is Florida so I would check and double check before making my turn. When the signal cycles it will change to a yellow arrow and then to red. No more turns for you. Traffic travelling straight still has their green light and continue onward. In another version the green turn arrow changes to yellow and then disappears (no arrow is illuminated). The green light for traffic traveling straight is still illuminated. The message here that people are not getting is that you can still make the left turn but it is not “protected.” the on-coming traffic has the right-of-way and if you turn you will be sorry, or worse.  What has started to happen at these signals is that the lights are being replaced so that there is an additional yellow arrow that flashes indicating turning is acceptable under safe conditions, i.e. no on-coming traffic. This is a great change. My only question is… when were they going to tell us? 

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