Tis the Season

April 17, 2018 Chris White No comments exist

Okay, I was late with the strawberry picking season but I’m right on time or rather you will be right on time for blueberry picking. Now this might seem like a strange activity for a vacation but I’ve been doing this for years while on vacation. It is a peaceful way to get back to nature that you can take along and enjoy for days after the event. Last year it was apricots at Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. A beautiful sunny day wandering through the orchard figuring out which apricots were the best ones to pick. All the while watching the humming birds fighting over the nectar in a nearby feeder. Well, we don’t have the mountains for a backdrop but we do have the humming birds. Depending on which farm you visit you might get a nice view of a lake or two.
In Tampa, my favorite blueberry farm is Church Lake Farms located at 16321 McGlamery Rd, Odessa, FL 33556. They are located in Northwest Tampa, near Citrus Park. I was there last weekend (4/15/18) the bushes are loaded with berries and the berries are delicious. At $4 a pound they are a great deal. If you are on vacation this one of those little hidden gems that you can enjoy while you’re here. Just pick a couple of pounds to take with you, they’ll longer than they’ll last. You’ll find yourself enjoying a handful every chance you get. The whole picking process is a nice quiet way to get back to nature. It’s easy picking, no fancy clothes needed, tennis shoes will work as will your flip-flops. If you get there early there might be some blackberries still available, they go quick. You should check the hours but I believe they are Tuesday and Thursday 8AM to 12PM and 5PM to 7PM; weekends Saturday and Sunday 8AM to 2PM. Their phone number is 813-244-1884. You can also reach them at  info@churchlakefarms.com

If you’re coming from out of town be sure to get a toll transponder for your rental car from Rental Car Transponders and save enough for a couple of pounds of blueberries. 

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