Toll Rates Explained

June 17, 2017 Chris White No comments exist

It’s as simple as this “V(x,p) = v(x)w(p).” Got it? Where V is value and x is a possible outcome…..Ahhh!!!!!

This is how tolls work in Florida if you are driving a rental car. The companies are all different except that they are all owned by one another. So check the toll chart for your rental car company of choice here
Here is the problem in a nutshell. You can get a toll transponder from your rental car company, generally transponders run between $3.95 and $7.95 a day, just for the transponder; tolls, at the highest posted rate are extra.
What happens if you don’t rent the transponder and drive on the tool roads anyway? Maybe you’ll get lucky and drive on a toll road that still has toll booths with actual toll collectors; these are fast becoming relics, replaced by “all electronic tolling. If you end up on one of these toll roads you have no option to pay and here’s what’s going to happen to you. Possibly you saw the sign on the highway for “Toll-by-Plate” that doesn’t mean you. When you go through the toll plaza and the toll authority takes a picture of the rental car’s license plate the state sends the bill for the toll to the car’s owner, that’s not you that’s the rental car company. Hertz, Avis, whomever knows you’re driving their car when you go through the toll plaza but they still use a third party company to track you down to collect the toll which they simply charge to your credit card. The cost for doing this work? $15 per toll. 4 tolls could end up costing you $60. That’s a good deal….for the rental car companies. That’s why I created Tolltraxx transponders. To get the rental car companies out of the toll gouging business. Get a Tolltraxx transponder for a one time charge of $7.50, $3 of which is refundable. Pay the lowest posted toll rates and a service charge of .50¢ a toll. Pay your tolls like a native.

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