Try Them While They’re Free

December 26, 2017 Chris White No comments exist

The new “Express” lanes have opened on the Veteran’s Expressway here in Tampa. For those of you not familiar with “Express” lanes, these are new lanes added to help keep traffic moving at speed during high use times. How do they accomplish this feat? By charging an additional toll on top of the toll you pay to use the toll road in the first place. Currently, the new “Express” lanes are open for use without any additional charges while the toll authority checks/tests how the new lanes will be used.

If it’s free it’s for me… well. I’ve been using these lanes during non-peak times and here is what I’ve learned. Once you get into the express lane you can only go as fast as the person in front of you and you can’t do anything until the “Express” lane ends. Notice that the word “Express” has been in quotes? That’s for all 5 trips on the “Express” lane I’ve had the privilege of doing the speed limit 4 times and 1 trip we almost hit the speed limit. I’m not advocating that people speed while driving in these lanes but for God’s sake at least do the limit. I’m sure the people who were passing me while driving on the regular part of the highway were having a good laugh.

In fact the “Express” lane would be a lot more popular if they just lifted the speed limit altogether.

If you’re going to drive on the Express lanes get a Tolltraxx transponder

Photo by Jake Givens on Unsplash
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