Yes. We Have that Guy Here Too…

August 20, 2018 Chris White No comments exist

The Veteran’s Expressway here in Tampa is still testing the express lanes, they’re free for now. It’s more like a free-for-all. I’m not sure of the wisdom of adding an express lane to avoid one entrance/exit that hardly anyone uses; but I’m not in charge here. Or anywhere as it turns out.

But the real problem is that we here in Florida have a high percentage of drivers who like to drive in the express lanes and can’t quite manage to get up to the speed limit. I guess 59 in a 60 zone is safer. Except for the 25 cars stuck behind you losing their minds. It’s kind of annoying to be stuck in the express lane in this situation and having the people in the free lanes passing you, pointing and laughing. 

I’m not advocating that people need to speed. OK, maybe a little. But, for the love of God. Do the speed limit. I’ve already witnessed people getting out of the express lane, which involves driving through the line of safety cones, to get around the slow moving car in front of them. Just something to think about before committing to miles of low speed excitement. 

If you’re going to use the express lane in your rental car be sure to have a Tolltraxx transponder and get the lowest post tolls. 

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